Room Price 


Single Room  USD 98.00/night
Double Room   USD 129.00/night 
Twin Room  USD 138.00/night 
Triple Room   USD 189.00/night
Double as Single   USD 109.00/night
Twin as Single   USD 116.00/night

*Room prices include breakfast and dinner costs


Camping Price 


Single tent with bed   USD 23.00/night
Single tent without bed   USD 13.00/night
Twin tent with bed   USD 33.00/night
 Twin tent without bed  USD 17.00/night
Tent with triple bed   USD 55.00/night


Camping place and shower supply only:-

  • Single Tent --------- USD 7.00/night
  • Twin Tent ---------- USD 12.00/night


Vehicle with camping equipments :-

  • USD 13.00 per driver per vehicle per night
  • USD 3.00 per additional person
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